“there is nothing in this for you”

On Friday we met with Sonya’s surgeon. There are actually a team of surgeons involved tomorrow morning. It was an odd conversation, to say the least. Her stated goal of the conversation: to try to talk us out of the surgery. (my guess is that this was driven by legal precautions, but she didn’t say as much)

She soberly stared at Sonya (and me) and raised her voice: “Do you realize that there is nothing in this for you? NOTHING.” “Do you realize you could die doing this?” “Do you still want to do this?”

It wasn’t exactly a “way to go, gang . . . great to have you in Chicago!” sort of pep talk.

But it did get me to reflect on her assertion “there is nothing in this for you.”  A couple of thoughts:

1. God sure didn’t approach the world this way. God gave. Where would we be if God chose his plan of action by asking the question “what is in this for me?” It makes sense to me that those belonging to God would at least, in some remote ways, make some effort to emulate God’s act of giving when there is nothing promised in return.

2. What kind of world would we live in if everyone lived by “what is in this for me?” By opting to do something contra to “what is in this for me?” we help bring about the world that we all wished we could live in.

3. Think of how different the conversation becomes if one brushes aside the question “what’s in this for me?” to ask a far more profound question: “how can I make a contribution here?”

The doctor’s question actually deepened our resolve to do this. We can actually show that because of God’s kindness to us in His Son we can live for something besides ourselves. We can actually help bring about the world that we wish would be. We can actually make a huge contribution.

That sounds like a lot to me.


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17 Responses to “there is nothing in this for you”

  1. julie jones says:

    wow…. great & deep thots…blessed by this example of TRUE sacrificial love on Valentine’s day !

  2. matt jones says:

    Erin and I are praying for you and Sonya – that the LORD’s peace will rest on you, and that He would give you strength and courage.

  3. Barbara Culwell says:

    We admire your willingness to be a blessing… and courage!!!
    Praying for all of you!!!!!!

  4. Erin Jones says:

    Just read your post on Sonya’s blog — Rick, you must have been the most joyful man in the world right about 12:15! We continue to pray for Sonya and Gay, and for each of the families, as Gay’s surgery continues, and Sonya begins the recovery and healing process. Be glorified, Lord, in everything.

  5. Deb Sykes says:

    Rick, thank you for sharing and keeping us updated. Praise God for all He is doing today through Sonya, you, Gay, the docs, etc.!!!! All of you playing a part in this big God plan.

  6. Alisa Bentley says:

    Rick…I have been thinking of you all and praying for you today…thanks for sharing what Jesus in doing in your lives and letting us see once again the difference knowing Him makes…please give my love to Sonya and I will continue to pray!

  7. Erin Smith says:

    What a precious picture of the Gospel. Thanks for taking the time to share Rick, praying for you and Sonya.

  8. Becky Ferguson says:

    I’m a friend of the Scott family and arrived at your blog through the chain…Gay’s Caring Bridge page to Sonya’s blog to yours. This reflection is astounding. Ever since I learned of Sonya’s willingness to do this, I’ve known what kind of a heart she has even though I don’t know her at all. There is nothing in this for her except that she is perhaps saving another person’s life. It’s an amazing gift, and each of you has a part in it. And the whole world is better because of each of you and your family. So generous. The essence of the word. Blessings.

  9. Howard Levin says:

    Rick, you are a blessed man! Praying for Sonya’s and Gay’s quick recovery!

  10. Anne Fowkes says:

    First of all, we continue to pray….glad all went well today. Secondly, I enjoyed your reflection of this…..oh if we could all give of ourselves like this each day and have the attitude of our Saviour! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Thirdly, it was so good to see you and Sonya again!!

  11. Sarah says:

    tears welled up, Rick. good to “hear” your voice again 🙂 praying for everyone

  12. Pam Holland says:

    Rick: I stand amazed at how you and Sonya have let God lead you to this place. What a profound testimony to the watching world, and they are watching….. Please know that so many of us are praying for the most optimal surgery recovery possible after having your abdomen sliced open, pulled back and messed with for several hours :).

  13. Warren Culwell says:

    If this don’t make you stop and think what am i living for? thanks, Rick

  14. Pam Bell says:

    This is a beautiful example of sacrificial love. We are praying for you.

  15. Laurel Chesky says:

    That’s our Soni. When the chips are down, she is fearless. God has blessed her with a profound courage, and all who know her are the better for it — not only Gay!

  16. Richella says:

    I sure appreciate you, Rick.

    I know what’s it like to be the one in the Waiting Room. For you to have undertaken that role voluntarily is an amazing thing. For Sonya to have undertaken this pain voluntarily is an amazing thing. For Jesus to have both taught and modeled this kind of sacrificial love is an amazing thing. I love the way your story echoes His.

    Thank you so much for reflecting upon what you’ve learned and what you’re learning and sharing those reflections here. It’s a huge blessing.

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