From Sonya

This is Sonya. After a couple days offline not feeling quite so hot. I am much much better now. Iv’s are out, I’m at the Residence Inn. I had a smoothie from Panera for dinner šŸ™‚ And I had a great night’s sleep.

Yesterday I shuffled down the hall to see Gay. She looks fantastic. She, believe it or not, is also out of the hospital, only a few hours behind me. Thought you would like some pictures from that visit.

A Fun Reunion

Thank you all for all your prayers, comments, emails, and other messages. I feel so loved and lifted up by all of you! ~Sonya

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One Response to From Sonya

  1. Sharon Borror says:

    Hello Sonya. I am a friend of Gay and Roger’s and also a transplant patient. I received a new kidney and liver on 9.17.07. What a blessing that has been and continues to be. Thank you SO much for being willing to literally give a piece of yourself to help Gay continue living. You are a blessing to not only Gay and Roger, but to all of us who have been praying for both of you. Thank you, Sonya. God bless you.

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