good riddance . . . and thanks

Soon Gay will have her 68 staples removed. Even the thought of it motivates me to pray.

Sonya’s incision is not as traumatic as Gay’s, and it is healing very well. But far be it from me to downplay a 4 inches long, gut-opening incision. I learned (quickly, I might add) after casually calling one of Sonya’s labors “easy” that it’s not appropriate to make these sort of assessments.

They stitched Sonya up on the inside and used super glue and glorified band-aids on the outside. (You can tell I’m not a medical expert, can’t you?) I was very relieved to find out that they had stitched her up on the inside, because prior to that I was thinking it was only super glue and glorified band-aids, and I didn’t want any sort of accident to occur that might, to use engineering terms, compromise the stability of the structure.

I bet Gay will be glad to get rid of those staples They’ve been by her side (literally), through thick and thin, for nearly a month. I think, if it were my staples, I might say: good riddance, you stupid staples! Those things must be less than pleasant.

But “good riddance” might not be the only way I’d say good-bye to my pretend staples. If I thought about it long enough I’d also have to say “thank you.” They would have, after all, despite their misery, provided a wonderful service in saving my life.

Don’t worry about me. I do not talk to staples. But today it dawned on me that many of the things I am quick to kick out the door with “good riddance” could (should?), upon further reflection, also sent with away with “thank you.”

Sometimes I am so obsessed with getting rid of pain producing events in my life that I never stop to consider that there could be a hidden blessing.

This seems to be a mistake.

And I wonder it I took an inventory of all of the “good riddance” issues in my life right now, and thought about how they might be a blessing, if I might have a different hope quotient.

So good riddance to those staples . . . and thanks.



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