1 month ago

One month ago at this very hour I kept vigil in Sonya’s ICU room. I will never forget that remarkable day: our 5:50am prayer in the dark with Sonya, Roger and Gay, the long morning (to 2pm!) in the waiting room with the rest of the Scott family, and hours of worry, alone in a rolling recliner in ICU.

Funny thing, but I wonder if Sonya will ever remember much of it. To totally misquote Lincoln, “She will never remember what was said that day, but she’ll never forget what was done there that day.”

Here are a couple of reflections on what we’ve experienced in this journey over the past few days:

1. the joy of friends. So many great people have showed up with meals. What gifts of grace these are! And they are always delivered by caring people who genuinely want to help us in this journey. We are so blessed to have this experience. How often in life do you have a steady procession of people showing up with gifts because they care? What a blessing!

Sadly, as we’ve experience friends coming to help/celebrate, we’ve been close to a couple of situations lately where we’ve seen a steady procession of friends show up for friends who are going through great, great loss and tragedy.

Life is serious business. Oh how we all need our friends! I am reminded this almost every day as another friend shows up with a kind meal.

2. human compassion. So often as we recount this story listener’s eyes are moistened with tears. What is this? So many different people. So many who don’t know Gay or Sonya. Yet there is something universal in the human heart that not only recognizes and acknowledges but is moved.

Christian thinking says that humans bear God’s image. If this is true (and I think it is) then we would expect that God himself is a God not just of facts, but of compassion. God is a God who is moved. This is good news, because are many situations in life where we need to know that not only does God know about something . . . but we really need to know that he cares.

This whole experience has taught me that life is full of deep, deep emotion. I am most alive when I care, and when I let others care for me.

It’s hard to believe it has been one month. It actually hard to remember my life before this event. It has been that significant.






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